Life is an IceCream, Enjoy it before it melts

1. Denim Frock

Weather department like every time has predicted a heavy downpour this time of the year in National Capital Region, and that meant there will be scarcity of rainfall again. But the weather was pleasant & it was smelling grass & soil all around like during first rain of the season when Ravi came out of select city walk, Saket, he was still thinking about the girl moving in front of her wearing just denim frock and giving a heartache to many, by the way she was moving, Ravi looked towards his friend & he gave a meaningful smile, and that was all to it.

It was 1 AM already, "what next?' asked Shantanu, "let's go to coffee shop, I am in no mood to hit bed so soon". "I wish everyone is dressed like that, world peace needs nothing more; no more bombing no tension just love" Ravi said with a smile looking like a philosopher, Shantanu still can see the sadness in those eyes but he didn't want to be the spoilt sport so he continued the game, "yeah right Mr. Philosopher! That is all you need in this mad city, you know 1 of every 4 rapes in Indian city takes place in Delhi, several dowry cases, molestations & over that Khap  panchayat sitting on our cities neighbor killing every lover boy & girl in their society, as they claim it's illegal to love, while they prey to Shiva & Shakti the symbol of manhood & women's power". "You asshole, I am trying to go deep into a nice thought & you brought out your bull about terrorism, fanatics & police all in one statement" frowned Ravi, "Just go & take out the car, I will get some Cigarettes in the mean time".

Ravi & Shantanu were friends, roommates & colleagues, in that order, since last 4 years. On any other weekend Ravi would have been out with her sweetheart Smita but she got admission to IIM-A. Ravi & Smita were preparing for their CAT exams together, while Smita was sincere about her studies & preparation, it was Ravi who was always coming out with excuses not just to others; but to himself, It's too hectic back at office, I am tired, My parents demand too much from me, my cousin is coming to stay with me, This is an important invitation; I have to go,  I cannot say no to my friend, he is here only once a year. Although Ravi forgets to consider the point that he is and always was a socially active person & unless he starts saying "NO" for a social get together he will stay busy everyday. Unlike Smita who stopped going out with Ravi or with her friend circle. The only time she spent with Ravi was, when they were group-studying. That was then, she left by mid-June, and took a promise from Ravi that he'll start taking preparation seriously. He will give his GMAT by August & apply everywhere. Yesterday, it was 15th July, and all Ravi had done till now was collecting books, he hasn't even opened one of them, last time when he would have sat to solve a paper was months ago with Smita. Smita who was managing a gruesome pressure at IIM-A was managing somehow to keep in touch with Ravi & kept encouraging him, but yesterday she lost patience.  They had a terrible fight, and she dumped him saying, "Stop lying to yourself & wasting time, we will talk once you have decided what you want to do & start doing it." Ravi hung up, his face red in mix of anger & embarrassment.

"Ravi!!", Ravi came back to present, cigarette has disappeared into ash & Ravi was holding a burning butt, and Shantanu was sitting in drivers' seat of Dzire, honking & shouting Ravi's name. "Move your ass, I will drive today", said Ravi. "Ohh!! People generally say that when they are drunk, did you have a few shots while I was gone to get this car?". "No! Just move ", "Ok, I guess this is going to be a looooonngg drive", said Shantanu handing keys to Ravi, he was not worried that Ravi will be speeding or rash driving, but he won't go above 40 km/hr. In city like Delhi where everyone has a foot over accelerator, and speed dial over 80 km/hr, Ravi's drive was like a walk in park, at time frustrating.

"So! What have you decided?" Shantanu asked while lighting a Cigarette, "About what?" asked Ravi. "You know what Ravi, it's about time".  "Can we not discuss about it, don't spoil my mood", saying that Ravi raised the volume of radio, 98.3 FM was playing old melody from the movie  Guide, "Din dhal jaaye teri yaad na jaaye".
And while moving from Saket towards ring road, moving at super calm speed of 30kmpH Ravi was again lost in the sweet memories of past.

Brain Freeze

Chapter 1

It's Sunday noon and temperature is still around 2 degree Celsius; haven't seen Sun since last week, feels like I am in a hill station and not Capital of India. I am still tucked in my quilt thanks to my cook I got my breakfast served on my bed; I have not dared to move even an inch for otherwise a nature's call since last 36 hours and there the phone rings. "No, not today" was the feeling inside my head when I picked the phone,

"Hello Dude, What's up" I said.

"She still wants me to support her. (long pause) … as a friend" said a deserted soul, who with love we call 'shera'

"What?" I was confused

"She says, It's not possible for us to continue with out relationship, and I should be supportive, I am stopping her from moving on. How does she expect me to support her to 'move on', how can she be so insensitive; I mean we are together for god damn 5 years and one day out of nowhere she comes to me and say "MOVE ON"; is this a game, or was I a degree which she did and moved on"

"Have you started drinking, early in the morning" I asked

"No, I never stopped yesternight" he replied

"Damn, this is serious", I thought, "Wait I will be at your place in an hour top" I replied

"OK, get some Rum on the way" was all he said & hanged up

"Why, Why, Why" I was shouting on myself, silently; Asshole has finally made me come out of my bed, time to freshen up a little. Thank God geyser is working, I don't like going out without a shower. That when I didn't have one for almost 3 days.

"Get me a khamba of old monk & one of Jim Beam"In 45 minutes I was standing in K-block market; in front of booze shop ordering 2 khambaa (1 khamba = 750 ml) that too at 1 PM, market was a deserted as if it is 9 AM in the morning; this time whether has really come down on Delhi; Cold was never a problem but the wind & moisture was killing, as I read in news early in morning today, weather department of Delhi has predicted, this is due to some disturbance is west which has created turbulence in weather, and I was smiling thinking "West, seems responsible for everything nowadays be it war or weather". "I better get some snacks as well, Shera rarely has anything to eat at his place"

"What took you so long" he shouted

"Have you cared to peek outside, it's still foggy & a tough drive, thanks to NDMC digging all over CP again, I have to be extra cautious on the road, yet here I am by 2:00 PM, now don't shout; and here is your 2nd favorite Old Monk", I handed him the bottle

"First Favorite now" he replied, his voice still sounding drunk & angry.

"I suggest you have some Paneer Pakoda's first"

"Dude! You are the best, how did you know" & he snatched the packet from my hand

"I just know" feeling victorious & smiling as Shera teared off packet of Pakoda like a wild tiger; he really was hungry & drunk.

Chapter 2

"Aren't we supposed to be stronger species" Asked Vineet while filling his glass with Rum, he has almost finished half of the bottle.

"That's just lies spread by Women, to make us do all the hard work & then take blames as well. When they say Men are stronger species all they mean is we are supposed to do all the physical work & play along in their games like pawns in chess, and they are the Knights who can move over your head to your left or right, without you noticing it, and by the time you realize, it's checkmate" Replied Shera

Vineet was another common friend who joined us at around 4:00 PM, he was under phase 2 of his break up while Shera has just entered Phase 1.

Let me rewind the clock here, Me, Shera & Vineet are 3 friends since school times, who moved to different places for their graduations but ended up working in same city and there by reunited here in Delhi 2 years ago; I was already here since last 7+ years as I did my graduation here only, while Shera joined me when he was posted in Delhi as a part of the team handling Games Village construction for Commonwealth while Vineet was doing his MBA from IMT Ghaziabaad. I stay in Noida but used to hang out with these two morons whenever these two had time; as they were quite busy with their job, studies & girl friends, till a few months back.

"Rahul is still not here, Adwi call him again" demanded Shera

"Aye Aye sir!!"

Rahul was the fourth of the group, the non engineer, working with India today and for me he was one man rescue team today, who can save me from further misery of listening to these drunk lovers.

"Rahul, how much more time will you take to reach here dude, "paani sir ke upar pahunch chuka hai"

"Ok, alright! Get some bread pakoda on the way"

20 minutes later the atmosphere of the room was different and everyone was listening to Rahul's non stop blabbering and this time topic was some fashion designer he recently interviewed and after party he was in yesterday evening. "Dude! Now that was a party, such ambience, booze, so many celebrities and ohhh.. My god the chicks were fantabulous."

'Here he goes again" I was smiling mischievously as Rahul started again with the story of his one night stand, it was a pleasant change after listening to the other two grumble about broken hearts, ruined life & evil women for last 4 hours. Time flew by and we ended up sleeping in living room with everyone completely drunk; and heater keeping us warm for the night.

A day to remember: IIT Delhi - Inaugural Function 'Golden Jubilee year'

This Monday (16th August 2010) IIT Delhi, I was one of the lucky invitees for IIT Delhi Golden Jubilee year inaugural function. They invited her excellency, President of India,  Pratibha Devisingh Patil as chief guest and Kapil Sibbal, India' s Education Minister as guest of honor, with other esteemed guests as well. After a long time I was sitting inside jam-packed Dogra/Convocation hall, but this time not full of students creating raucous, cursing each other, having fun but A room full of corporate giants, bureaucrats, professors, industrialist, consultants, etc , a room full of people who have reached to pinnacles of success in their own ways. Many who have retired & many who still fighting with obstacles and beating them consistently.
The whole environment was mesmerizing & unforgettable. For the first time I listen to our Director (Prof. Surendra Prasad, alumnus 1968 batch), & other honorable invites without dozing off in between, although much of what they said was very diplomatic & politically correct without crossing the lines, but what was appreciative was that President , Mrs. Patil pointed out the lack of patents filed by our country w.r.t China or USA, Kapil Sibbal announcing 14 innovation university (other than IIT) to be started (God knows where they will get the fund, faculty & resources for those but, nevertheless it's an announcement like many others they do), but best of all was the speech by the gold medalist, Lalit Mehra (batch 1966, 1st batch to pass out from IITD), we expected him to be as boring as we will expect an oldie, maggu, student. But there he was all excited and speaking about all those incidents, which we will hesitate to speak about infront of people of stature of President and such esteemed gathering, but I believe the adrenaline rush inside his head & the excitement of holding that dice again inside Dogra hall, made him do that, he told us about the establishment of BSW, SAC and all the co-curricular activities which they started from day 1, he told us that first building their was the small building which is textile department now. It was real fun listening to him, from the minute he started speaking, all we were discussing was (saala IITian kitna bhi bada ho jaaye, rahega wahi, as soon as he will start speaking, u can indetify that he is from IITD, that carefree attitude, never saw that anywhere else). Moving on from the Dogra out in open, it was drizzling outside and we were supposed to move to block 3 lawns for lunch, but before that we needed to collect the phones, electronics, car keys, etc which we deposited (in a small make shift counter under the ramp infront of reading room) earlier.

As soon as I reached there expecting a queue of old gentlemen standing with poise waiting for their turn to collect their respective belongings, Only to realize it was not there (as expected isn't it), those oldies were jumping over one another from all sides flashing their coupons, asking to serve them first, And some how I started laughing real loud, confusing my fellows their as everyone seemed eager & in a hurry, I said, "We are here for the whole day, we have nothing to do but have good time, next activity i.e lunch will go on for another 2 hours and still these old horses are jumping over each other showing impatience, IIT might have taught them best of technologies, and how to face a technical challenge, whatsoever it is, but they forgot to inject an ounce of Civic-sense inside this wild bunch, howsoever rich or old you get, somethings you will inherit and follow always as in Indian, not standing in a queue is one of those" And just then I heard 2 uncles (they must be at least 45), standing in so called 'queue' pushing every one around with their arms and elbows, looking around in disgust & saying "When will people learn manners to follow the queue system" (another trade mark of being an Indian, Preach but Practice not required).

I went ahead for lunch (btw I was one of the last persons to collect my belongings, trying to maintain an ounce of civic sense) where got an opportunity to meet some of the alumni, 2 of them being from the batch of 1968 (first batch which came through JEE in year 1963, before that it was merit basis entry), amongst various things one of them (who was a retired bureaucrat) informed me about the eagerness in IITians to join civil services at that time, which resulted in real country growth till year 1980, after which people's inclination started to decline towards UPSC, and more inclined towards industry jobs (for the obvious reasons), resulted in a decline in number of bureaucrat who were from IITs & other primary institute, results started showing in the growth & countries development as a whole, number of IITians fell tremendously low as the time passed (I don't have any facts to verify this, so I am mentioning what I interpreted from what he told me)... this shows how there is a necessity to encourage more and more students from such premier institute to join IAS & other bureaucratic positions, if we want to see India rise and shine again and not just on papers.

For the first time, I voluntarily went to Dr. S.R.Kale's room to have a little word with him, to say hello to him, I was surprised when he recognized me (not my name of course, but only that I was a student there), he told me about the changes (which were very few in terms of curriculum, but very high in terms of course structure) The strength of a batch has reached to 850 odd students from 550 at our time, 104 being the mechanical students. He told me that the batch of 2009 was the worst they have seen in a long time (with around 100+ defaulters, who got their degree extended, unlike previous years when number was somewhere between 20 and 45). He also informed about the gr8 progress IIT Punjab is making in terms of course structure, student quality and infrastructure setup.

It was time to catch up with peers, met a variety ranging form batch 2004 to 2009, shared some light moments, some catch up, made some new friends, overall it was one Monday which I would have regretted to have missed. As they say the value of any particular outcome cannot be judged unless you compare it with the alternative histories (what could have been if I didn't go there) and here as much as  I think, I say this day won't come again, as IIT Delhi won't celebrate 'Inaugural function' for Golden Jubilee year again, and I am proud that I was there, when it happened.

IIT Delhi @ Night

I am no humanitarian still my heart ache!

India offers $5m aid to flood-hit Pakistan, what about Ladakh? 200+ dead, and 1000+ missing.
no one cares, because that is an internal matter. It won't get international coverage.
"Kashmir belongs to India", "Kashmir belongs to Pakistan", or Does it belongs to those, who wants to live there?

Government talks about peace, development, growth, rehabilitation, but how much does exactly takes place? every new government makes new policies, close down old system, and implementation well that's not important is it.

Every Naxalite is armed with sophisticated guns, an A.K 47 costs upto Rs. 1,25,000 and each bullet costs, upto Rs. 4 each.
If those people can hand over the same in cash, the person will be glad to move ahead with his life.
A few days ago I heard some millionaire farmer saying that "Kisaan anaaj ugaata hai, uskaa hakk hai ki wo tax nahi de ya loan nahi chukaaye"!! (A farmer since cultivates food fr the country, it's their right not to pay taxes, or pay back loan money which they borrow) . I asked if such schemes benefits any poor farmer? or if anyone who was not well off become well off using such schemes? He said "No! only us who knows how to work around with the system"

Another time I had talk with few villagers in MP, I asked them, "how do they survive, when there is no work in market?" They said, they don't need to work, government is providing them "Berozgaar bhatta" (unemployment wages), which ideally is given in form of cheques, the government officer without verifying their status, get their sign/thumb print, cut their commission of Rs. 10 and given them Rs. 110 (per day) and keep tht cheque with themselves, assuming 1000 people in a village getting this money, it generates Rs. 10,000 tax-free money for the govt. officials per day and villager is happy getting free money, out of which he can get liquor for Rs. 30, (Marijuana) 'gaanja' for Rs. 10 and food for rest of it.

This another friend/senior of mine from college wanted to change the world, he left his well paid job in corporate to study hard for UPSC, became an IAS officer, with dreams in his heart to change the country to bring good out of it; only to become a part of the same old machinery which is like a Mainframe system, which people know how to work on but since no one knows the start or end of code written beneath, they can only manipulate it here and there (for their benefits) but cannot amend the system.

In year 2007, when RTI act was creating fresh waves around, a few senior retired IAS officers came to my college, from where I and a fellow student went across to RTI office to understand nitty-gritty of the system, only to find out that it is like any other government office, which requires bribes, paperwork and a lot of approach to push through your papers. I met with many senior members of that NGO their, when a Mercedes stopped near us, and a sophisticated looking 60 years old lady stepped out, she came towards us and met with all of us giving lecture (which seems like she crammed on her way to that place). Later I found out that she was one of the hot shot fund-raiser of Delhi, and wanted to cash in over the rising RTI business, yes I used the term business because that's what it was for them.
But later I met with a ground worker, who told me about what their NGO has done. She told me about various villages they have visited in search of issues, made effort from their end to file RTIs follow them up and all with only a single motive to make this country better brick by brick, only to find out that to make a wall out of bricks requires some time to strengthen up, but those sitting there with hammers don't let you have that time. She told me about the death threat she and many of her friends faced frequently, many who got beaten up while a few who actually were killed. And then this wall was hit by the 'BIG HAMMER' the RTI amendment.

Bollywood has given out hundreds of movies on one of these issues or another, with recent being 'Peepli live' and earned billions of Rupees by selling those movies, but have they actually shared even a single percentage of that profit with those whose problem they are showcasing? (I know this is a capitalist society and they are not responsible for the issues or for providing them a solution, but a little help won't do them any harm and it will only bring about some more publicity). None of the movies whatsoever has shown a realistic solution to even a single problem, I guess Indians still like lots of drama (as they say masala-bollywood style) in movies, they expect every Protagonist to do something super human (be it killing all villans or jumping of the hill top without dying), is there no realistic solution to any of these problems?

Since childhood we were taught that if you have faith in something and you try really hard, you can find out the solution, and things like 'Solution lies within yourself', 'Problem is not around you. it's inside you', Can't people set aside their egos for sometime, think logically for a solution & come up with a simple motto of 'Live & let Live', How does it matter if you are a Hindu or Muslim, or if you a farmer or sweeper. Why don't people do the job which they are being paid for? (even after accepting bribe for the same). What kind of economic benefits does people expect by inflicting Naxalism & Terrorism? You will only stop the region from developing further. Laxmi Mittal being still holding an Indian passport is richest man who lives in Britain. In today's world does it matter what a person't ethnicity is if he wants to succeed.

Life is too short to waste frowning, or live seriously. Enjoy while you can...
and as I always say "Life is like an Ice-cream, Enjoy it before it melts"

/Seriously whatever I wrote above make no sense or no connect. Don't read it/

10 Observations About Cliches

1. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Observation: Unless you have a coupon for a free lunch.


2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Observation: Especially if you throw it at him.

3. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

Observation: Those are called eggs. Can I count my eggs?

4. Better late than never.

Observation: Doesn’t work too well if your parachute opens really late.

5. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

Observation: But it’s also the heat.

6. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Observation: Unless you are trying to judge the cover.

7. She is burning her candle at both ends.

Observation: Maybe she wants more light.

8. Nice guys finish last.

Observation: Bad guys don’t care if she finishes at all.

9. Go the extra mile.

Observation: Unless you are already there, of course.

10. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

Observation: You won’t have to. It’ll drink when it’s thirsty.


Top 10 Sarcastic Quotes of All Time

Top 10 Sarcastic Quotes of All Time

10. “Sometimes I need what only you can provide: your absence.” –Ashleigh Brilliant

9. “I feel so miserable without you, it’s almost like having you here.” –Stephen Bishop

8. “I don’t know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn’t.” –Jules Renard

7. “I find it rather easy to portray a businessman. Being bland, rather cruel and incompetent comes naturally to me.” –John Cleese

6. “Personal experience makes a believer out of anyone; that explains the hordes of evolution deniers.” –Sarcasm Society

5. “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” –Mark Twain

4. “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” –Oscar Wilde

3. “Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” –Mark Twain

2. “A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five.” –Groucho Marx

1. “If you ever become a mother, can I have one of the puppies?” –Charles Pierce


A few important questions of the century!

There are several questions in this universe, which are left unanswered, the reasearch team here, after due dilligent, deep research which involved numerous hours and brainstorming of several top notches of this world, has come up with answers of a few of them... Here is the snippet for the first few questions which we have been able to answer.

Pappu pass kaise hua?

Ishq k school me naya mahaul taiyaar ho gaya, pappu ki girl friend se puri class ko pyaar ho gaya, Bas tabhi se papuu udaas ho gaya, puri class fail aur pappu pass ho gaya.

Pehle murgi aayi ya andaa?
Reasearch continues, but speculation says that dono se pehle #### aaya tha.

Chatur kaun sa churan khaata tha?

Uttamamm dadadaaat chuuran especially made from herbs selected from the interiors of the bushes found in middle of Africa...

to be contd..

A small step today or 1000 deperate steps tomorrow? Choice is ours!

How much water do we waste everyday? How much fuel do we burn everyday? How many people per car are present on roads of Delhi? Are we Carbon Neutral ? and many more such questions. Answers for such questions will be negative for most of us. A person uses 135 liters of water and 5 KOE (killogram Oil Equivalent) on average per day in India. Average number of passengers (including driver) in a car in delhi is 1.2 and the final questions 'Are we Carbon Neutral' - No!
But these seems to be issues which need to be discussed by state government and MCD, why are we discussing it here? And the reason as everyone knows is as simple and as complex as always. 'Lack of Committment' Each of the problems mentioned above and many similar problems can be catered by us. Why to wait for goevernment to put charges of emission, or on drinking water or put up a luxury charge on vehicles, when small steps by us can bring these factors in controllable limits.
With advances in technology and science, leading to numerous inventions and discoveries,  we are living a far more comfortable and luxurious life, like never before. But while inventing these comforts, we forgot about the discomforts to the environment, combine this with a boom in population & globalization. And we have created a time bomb which is ticking right now and will blow up in near future, if not in your lifetime then in lifetime of next generation.
But, I believe with so many news mediums today every one knows about all of this, everyone of us understands the criticallity of situation, and most of us wants to bring about change, save environment but no one wants to take the plunge, or leave the comforts or worse no one knows what to be done to stop this time bomb. And this is the harsh truth, we at our level lives a quite life as a moral member of the society, we work from 9 AM to 6 PM, we come back to our families, during weekends we go to nearby places, some of us get involved in social causes/ community services, others stays infront of their televisions. Point of the matter is we may not think of doing any thing out of the league, we may not be able to stop the time bomb. But we can still try.
We can try not to waste water, we can try to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption, we can use a pooled car instead of coming alone to office, we can plant trees and keep them safe till they grow up, We can try to promote eco-friendly products, we can discourage buying products from companies which do not care for environment. We can try and take these small steps together. And I am sure when we do that we will see the difference. As Mahatma Gandhi has said
                                "Be the change you want to see in the world"

What can Company do to increase your satisfaction as an employee?

My answer to this question? (I am really vella) 

1. Give Credit to the actual developers/ workers who are delivering in a project and not just to those who are bringing the project.

2. Normalization applied is not the correct way everytime, It is not necessary that if a unit has 10 skilled workers who deserve A there will be as many deserving B or C for that matters, the work for most of the projects is not very tough and in that case if some one getting an extra effort gets A, rest should get B+, and there are several such examples.

3. Compensation provided by the company at the end of year is not justifiable at all moreover it doesnot even meet the industry standards (pardon my ignorance, my knowledge is limited to the information I gathered from the market).

4) The company fared equally for a person who stayed with the company during bad times (last year when there was no appreciation or less bonuses) and those who joined afterwards, all of them got the same appreciations. If some one stayed with you during desperate times, it is not because of lack of options but because of loyality, and company shouting all the time about high EBIDTA and good performance but no appreciation or recoginition for such people was a big blow.

5) Most of the processes deployed by quality team requires senseless document creation and many processes deployed acorss various projects are not in sync with each other, more over quality team expects a process improvement by each project every quarter. Due to which processes keeps changing frequently. And resources spends almost 30 % of time managing documents (at times filling manipulated data) and mentally exhausted which not only hampers quality development time and also leaves no time for resources to learn something new.

6) Many policies applied by senior mangaement lies on papers, for instance IDR which asks for a resource development but other than having him fill big forms once every year, no action was taken by company to help resource acheive those scales of development.

7) There is no central server provide which can be accessed by all the members in company for the practice, simulation, etc activities, which will keep bench resources busy and also give them an opportunity to develop their skills.

8) The openess which we talk about so much is only on papers, because there is always a wide gap between the things promised and the things actually delivered by the company.

9) At the end I can say that there is a big difference between the Company I joined in 2007 and the Company of 2010, And not towards the positive side, the openness which was supposed to be one of the pillars of company's success is only on papers but not applied any where.

10) And to talk about leadership, I really appreciate the leadership at the senior level, but the middle management which I met and worked with during recent times is not up to the mark. worst they do not deliver what they promise, nor there is a long term vision in the approach but mostly the short term vision. Which create no sense of security in minds of people but only those who are required to fulfill the short term goals of the management are taken care off.

I heard that, before better before the merger, when the company was named $$$$$ and the employee satisfaction was the best, and better than any service company (leaving aside a few names) but it was a brand well recognized and reason for most of the people to join the company was good ESAT but it is not true in present scenario. May be if we cater to needs of the employees and improve over approach to select and filter good resources (necessary to fulfill long term goal) company will flourish better than ever. All the best.


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